ATP Flight School in Florida | Become A Professional Pilot in 2 Years

Go from zero flight experience to becoming a professional airline pilot in just two years of flight training at ATP Flight School in Florida. You will get to find out why ATP aviation school is considered one of the best in flight school in USA.

Research have proved that ATP offers more opportunities than any other aviation school currently. This is one of the reasons why professional pilots choose ATP.

ATP Flight School in Florida

As a scholar at ATP you may get the competitive facet with airline-orientated flight schooling at a fixed fee in the shortest time frame. You get hold of learning from the most certified teachers and could proudly fly the world´s biggest multi-engine fleet coast-to-coast in a dispatched, airline-fashion environment.

The experience you will get at ATP Aviation School in your pursuit of Airline Career Pilot Program is second to none in the country as they offer students opportunities to be hired in airline companies. Regional airlines, corporate and fractional operators will hire only the most qualified applicants.

After graduating from ATP Aviation School, you will be offered a Guaranteed Aviation Instructor job with ATP. On this job, you are expected to earn at least $42,000 yearly with other allowances attached. You will also get all necessary flight experience to enable you attain the minimum of 1500 flight hours.

During your time as a flight instructor with ATP Flight School, at 500 hours total flight time, you will be eligible to start earning at least $11,000 in airline sponsored tuition reimbursement.